March /13

There are a few chorus pedals available for sale. Please go to the Chorus product and add to cart to purchase.

February /13

Quick note to let everyone, the latest shipment of chorus pedals have gone to Axe and You Shall Receive.. they still have some stock.

December /12

Welcome to our new site. We are still working on a few items but you’ll find most of the information you need on the pedals and what’s happening at Retro-Sonic. The new site contains a shopping cart, however I would appreciate sales through dealers first  (if you can’t locate a dealer please contact us for help).

The first news to announce is that there is one last run of the chorus using the MN3002 BBD. This out of production chip is now extremely hard to find, and we’ve been able to do one small last run. To mark this final run the color scheme has been updated to dark grey with white and orange silkscreen. Take a look at the product page for more info.

The Black Overdrive with the white knobs is a limited run, still a few units left after which the color will be changed……


Over the course of the year we’ve begun to add colors into the Retro-Sonic Lineup. You see the new orange phaser, purple delay and black distortion. These colors pay homage to the heritage of the design, and look sharp.