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Believe what you hear!

  • How are products shipped?
    All standard shipping is done via Canada Post. Other arrangements can be made, and a cost estimate will be provided.
  • What is the warranty on your pedals?
    All Retro-Sonic pedals come with a standard 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Are your products made in Canada?
    Yes! Retro-Sonic is proudly Canadian. We source our parts from best-in-class suppliers and build, test, and package all of our pedals in Ottawa, Canada.
  • What currency are your pedals sold in?
    Retro-Sonic sells all pedals in United States Dollars only.
  • If I order a Flanger now, will it come with the updated brighter circuit?"
    Yes, all current Flangers now come with the brighter circuit.
  • What power supply is needed for the old mono, AC version Chorus?"
    The first-generation Chorus ran on AC voltage. If you need an adapter for your old Chorus, we recommend the following 14V AC, 500mA wall adapter:
  • Do you have an artist program?
    Unfortunately, Retro-Sonic does not offer an artist program.
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