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Frequently Asked Questions

How are products shipped?

All standard shipping is done via Canada Post. Other arrangements can be made, and a cost estimate will be provided.

What is the warranty on your pedals?

All Retro-Sonic pedals come with a standard 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Are your products made in Canada?

Yes! Retro-Sonic is proudly Canadian. We source our parts from best-in-class suppliers and build, test, and package all of our pedals in Ottawa, Canada.

Do you have an artist program?

From time to time, we do work with guitarists who tour or record with established bands. For all inquiries please contact:

What currency are your pedals sold in?

Retro-Sonic sells all pedals in United States Dollars only.

What power supply is needed for the old mono, AC version Chorus?

The first-generation Chorus ran on AC voltage. If you need an adapter for your old Chorus, we recommend the following 14V AC, 500mA wall adapter:

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Quality Classic Effects

Recreations  of the most famous effect pedals with  modern features.

Our Products

- Chorus

- Flanger

- Delay

- Phaser

- Compressor

- Overdrive

- Distortion


All products shipped by Canada Post

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