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$199 USD

Check out the Flanger's new redesign - now featuring black powder-coated sides to pay homage to the original.

All new orders will come in this design!

We are now taking orders for the Flanger! Please note

that your pedal will take approximately 4-6 weeks

to ship from the date of order placement. 


We are thrilled to receive Premier Guitar's Premier Gear Gold Award in their March 2020 issue.  Read the full Retro-Sonic Flanger Review online at Premier Guitar.   Believe what you hear!

The Retro-Sonic Flanger provides the distinctive liquidy character and chorusy flanging of the late seventies “18V Electric Mistress”. Using an analog BBD path as the original unit, it recreates the classic EM tones made popular by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Andy Summers of the The Police. These early original versions are known for being very noisy (even when they were switched off) and they had a nasty volume drop when engaged. These issues have been corrected in this modernized version of the pedal. The Retro-Sonic Flanger is capable of a wide range of sounds from chorusing to vibrato, to classic sweeping flange effects. The circuited is designed to emulate the wide sweep of the original and runs optimally at 18v just like the original V2.



  • Flanger effect selectable by footswitch control

  • Overall Level control to adjust perfect unity gain (no volume drop)

  • Heavy duty foot switch for True By-Pass switching

  • On/Off LED to check effect status.

  • Powered by 12-18V DC adapter (not-included)

  • Analog BBD delay path (3207 device)

  • Sturdy cast aluminum housing

  • 12-18V DC Jack to connect 12-18V DC center negative pin power

  • Current Draw: 23ma



  • Rate: Adjusts the speed of the flanger modulation

  • Range: Controls the depth of effect applied to the incoming signal.

  • Color: Controls the amount of feedback signal applied.  

  • Level: Controls the overall output volume of the effect.

  • Filter Switch: Turns the LFO sweep on or off (as the original EM does)

  • Normal/Effect Switch: Stepping on the switch turns the effect on and off

  • Normal/Effect LED:  The LED lights on when the effect is on and lights off when the effect is bypassed.

  • Input: Input jack to connect the output of the guitar or other effect pedal.

  • Output: Output jack to connect to input of amplifier. 

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