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Retro-Sonic Phaser.  The Phaser is based on the famous 4-stage Script 90 circuit known for its classic phase tone. The Script design is updated with the finest components, providing clean distortion free phasing with low noise and tonal transparency. The updates also include the addition of depth, resonance  and level controls to add further versatility to the original design.


For even smooth phasing, the JFETs used in the circuit are sorted by hand and matched for the best possible phase experience. A weak battery can alter the output of the Phaser. The unit works best when using a 9vdc adapter to provide a consistent power source.



  • Clean, smooth phasing effect

  • Precision matched JFETs

  • Heavy duty foot switch for True By-Pass switching

  • Sturdy cast aluminum housing

  • On/Off LED to check effect status and battery condition

  • Powered by 9v battery or 9v DC adapter




  • Speed:  Controls the rate of the phase effect

  • Depth: Controls the intensity of the phase effect

  • Level: Controls the output level of the effected tone. Typically output levels of both normal and effect are adjusted to equal levels

  • Res: Controls the amount of resonance (feedback) in the phase effect

  • Normal/Effect Switch: Stepping on the switch turns the effect on and off

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