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The Retro-Sonic Preamp is a faithful recreation of the original “FA-1” FET Preamp circuit. It provides the same tone as a vintage FA-1, a clean boost with the great tonal flexibility via the independent Bass, and Treble controls and bass cut switch (-6dB of low cut).

Being a ground-up build rather than a modified pedal has allowed us to provide some feature benefits up front. It is built using metal film resistors, film capacitors, and uses a double-sided circuit board for noise free operation. The internal DIP switches, which can be seen just in the middle of the circuit board (once back cover is removed), will add in clipping diodes to turn the boost into a “dirty” boost or mild overdrive effect. The top switch adds in the diodes, and the lower switch adds in some hi-end roll off if you find things too bright. This gives the pedal flexibility in its use, clean or dirty depending on your needs.




  • Heavy duty foot switch for True Bypass switching

  • On/Off LED to check effect status and battery condition.

  • Powered by battery or AC adapter (not-included)

  • Internal, switchable clipping hi end roll off switch

  • Low cut switch

  • Independent Bass and Treble controls

  • Approximately 30dB of boost.

  • Sturdy cast aluminum housing. 

  • 9VDC Jack to connect a 9VDC adapter.



  • Level: Controls the over all volume of the effect. Rotate clockwise to increase output volume.

  • Bass: Adjusts the overall low frequency content of the effect.

  • Treble: Adjusts the overall high frequency content of the effect.

  • Normal/Effect Switch: Stepping on the switch turns the effect on and off. The LED will also turn off when the battery voltage is below 5V.

  • External Toggle Switch: Provides -6dB of Low cut

  • Input: Input jack to connect the output of the guitar or other effect pedal.

  • Output: Output jack to connect to the input of amplifier or other effect pedal

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